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About Everett

The close-knit Jewish Community of Everett, though relatively small in size compared to Chelsea and East Boston, is remembered as a place where Jews took care of one another.  With the support of The Ladies Aid Society, the Free Loan Association and Congregation Tifereth Israel, the Jewish community of Everett took care of the social and spiritual needs of its residents.

The fact that nearly all of these institutions were housed in what was called The Everett Hebrew Centre speaks to the united voice of this small Jewish community.  The Everett Hebrew School and Community Centre was formally established on December 4, 1927.  The congregants of Tifereth Israel played such an important role in the life of Everett that a short history of the synagogue is included in a history of Everett:

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About 1900 a “house of worship” was established by the Jewish Community on the corner of Hancock Street and Broadway.  Before 1914 it moved to the top floor of a store at Malden and Union Streets, and in the same year the Jewish community built a synagogue on Malden Street.   During the High Holiday Season in 1926 a small group of Jewish people conceived the idea of a Hebrew community center, a building in which all Jewish charitable and humane activities could be housed.  The idea culminated in a building at 177 Union Street, called the Murdox Bungalow.  On December 4, 1927 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts chartered the Everett Hebrew Center and since then the Center has been used for Jewish community affairs and as a recreation center for people of all races.*

For Jews looking to maintain a ritual life like that of their forbearers, Everett met their needs. There were kosher butchers, a variety of youth organizations and a Hebrew School.  The multitude of Jewish organizations established in Everett served as a testament to the commitment of the new immigrants to remember their past, appreciate their heritage while they carve a life for themselves and future generation.

* Information from City of Everett Web site